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Spark Plugs 
Spark Plugs
More than a century ago, in combination with a high-voltage magneto, Bosch presented the first spark plug. Bosch was awarded the patent for this ground-breaking system on 7 January, 1902. Manufactured using world-class Bosch technology, Bosch Ltd. Spark Plugs meets world-class standards of reliability and performance. A testimony to this is the fact that Bosch Ltd. is the preferred OE supplier for companies like Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda, Yamaha, T.V.S., Kinetic, Maruti, Hindustan Motors, PAL and M&M, to name a few.

- Highly effective anti-tracking barriers
Prevents arcing which would otherwise result in misfiring
- Suppression resistor
Reliable functioning of all electronic systems and interference-free radio reception
- Ground electrode
The number of electrodes, their configuration and their geometry have a decisive effect on ignition-spark techniques and service life
- Nickel-plated spark-plug shell and screw-in thread
Guards against corrosion and prevents seizure in the aluminum cylinder heads
- Heat-shrink assembly
Guarantees 100% gas tightness and precise heat rating
- Compound centre electrode
The copper core with high thermal-conductivity characteristics inside a non-wearing, chrome-nickel sheath ensures that the operating temperature is reached quickly. Protects against thermal overloading, conventional corrosion and spark erosion

Bosch Ltd. and BOSCH Super

  • Centre electrode with non-corroding chrome-nickel sheath and copper core
    • Rapid burn-off and protection against thermal overload
    • Insensitive to shunts
    • Highly resistant to wear
  • With interface suppression resistor - follows the Original Equipment trend
    • Reliable functioning of all electronic systems
    • Interference-free radio reception

BOSCH Super Plus

  • The technology plus: Yttrium - the innovative alloy
    • Outstanding protection against corrosion
    •  Absolutely reliable ignition
  • The Original Equipment plus: Tried and proven million times over
    • State-of-the-art technology from Original Equipment and motor racing
    • Installed by leading vehicle manufacturers at the factory
  • Specially shaped ground electrode
    • Ever higher ignition reliability and better protection for the catalytic converter

BOSCH Super 4

  • The technology combination which is unique throughout the world
    • Air-surface principle
    • Four, thin, ground electrodes
    • Pointed, silver-plated centre electrodes
  • Optimum engine performance throughout the plug’s operating time, even under extreme operating conditions

BOSCH Super: pointed ground electrode for 2 / 3 wheelers
The ground electrode has a structured profile and is less vulnerable to wear than centre electrode. As a result, the advantages of this structured profile can be utilised throughout the entire service life of the spark plug.

  • Higher ignition reliability due to faster flash-over of the spark and ignition of the mixture
  • Additional cold-start reliability even when battery voltage is low
  • Improved combustion protects the engine
  • Since misfiring is avoided, fuel consumption drops even more

BOSCH Super: twin electrode for 2 wheelers

  • Increased ignition reliability throughout the spark plug’s entire service life
  • Improved cold-start characteristics
  • Low ignition-voltage requirement
  • Self-cleaning effects in case of sooting
  • Two ground electrodes increase the plug’s service life
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