Diagnostics and Test Equipment
Diagnostics and Test Equipment
Fuel Injection Test Bench  
Fuel Injection Test Bench - H-S/EFEP 130 & H-S/EFEP 131
The performance of a diesel engine depends a great deal on the correct and accurate setting of its fuel injection pump. However, accurate and speedy testing and setting of the injection pump is possible only with a test bench, which has adequate drive, power and high torque, good even-running characteristics, exact speed control and a stiff non-distorting bed. The Bosch Ltd. and BOSCH Fuel Injection Test Bench offers all these characteristics for the accurate testing of the fuel pumps.

Features/ Benefits

  • Modular design for easy accessibility of parts
  • 4kW capacity drive motor for input power
  • Flywheel with higher inertia for stable rpm
  • Illuminated measuring glass panel
  • 12/24V DC supply
  • Test oil level indicator
  • Speed booster operation from both sides
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